Roof Knock EP (ARX051)

by Jesta & Suffer

Houston 06:26
Grevious 05:00
Jigsaw 05:00


DJ Ink's storied Architecture imprint steps back into the fray with a new addition to the family. Toronto native Jesta, while seemingly a new name is no stranger to Drum & Bass with a production history dating back to the late 90's. Reinvigorated in the studio as of late, Jesta hooked up with Australian head Suffer while both of them were living in Vancouver to craft four cuts of low slung, avant garde Junglism to take their place among Architecture's celebrated catalog.

"Foreign Substance" sets the mood with eerie keys and skittering breaks, setting up a monstrous dancehall bass line that takes over while expertly layered break combinations give the track a pulsing energy without losing any of its spacious foot print.

Things take a more menacing turn on "Houston" as heartbeat kicks, off kilter metallic hits and familiar break beat cuts slice in and out underpinned by a lurking bass line undulating up and down below the surface. Hair raising atmospherics and night time nature sounds preside over top upping the overall darkness even further.

"Grevious" aims straight for the jugular with wood block snares and stepping kicks holding up a ruthless Reece riff that buries itself into your brain. Jesta &Suffer morph the riff with precision as the track progresses echoing the sonic lineage of the Bluenote's dance floor heritage.

Rounding off the package, "Jigsaw" continues the tribal Jungle assault with a chest thumping Bass line, penetrating top riff and classic break combos while a sinister analogue melody floats in and out over top.

With this project Jesta & Suffer both firmly establish themselves as artists to keep a keen eye on from the long standing Drum & Bass hot beds of Toronto and Australia.


released March 3, 2017


all rights reserved


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