Underground Mysteries - Part II (ARX048)

by The Last Hero

Simian King 06:00
Roland Tembo 05:51
Silent Hill 06:46


London / Clacton duo The Last Hero step up for DJ Ink's seminal Architecture Recordings with the "Underground Mysteries" EP, the second of the series for the boundary pushing production team.

Always the platform for uncompromising interpretations of Drum & Bass, Ink's long running imprint is the perfect home for this project to stand behind, encouraging without expectation his artists to fully explore the neither depths of the genre with a futuristic eye.

The Last Hero steps up accordingly delivering four cuts of razor sharp, low slung tribal bass weight all aimed squarely at the dance floor but with enough atmosphere and subtle detail to come to life in your headphones as well.

Another installment of raw, unapologetic, dubwise technology from the Architecture camp.


released January 8, 2016


all rights reserved


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